forward in faith: capital campagin

Forward in Faith is a capital campaign that will impact each member of Faith United Methodist Church, helping us together to better worship, celebrate, share, educate, care and serve. Every dollar given to Faith is carefully used to broaden and deepen Christ’s ministry in and through Faith-by enabling our weekly worship and discipleship ministries, growing our commitment to outreach and maintaining our beautiful buildings and grounds. Towards these ends, we invite every member to pledge—as a faithful expression of their own  commitment to growing Christ’s ministry in and through our beloved Church.

Your donation becomes legacy

The Lord said to Moses, “Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. You are to receive the offering for me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give.” (Exodus 25:1-2)

OUR NEEDS             $ 635,000

$ 273,640
Current Facility Needs:

- HVAC thermostats

- Seal parking lot

- Repair drain line between gym and annex

- Gutters

- Repair eves of roof around building

- Interior directional signage

- Landscaping

- Annex (replace room dividers)

- Furniture (youth area, children’s area, gathering area)

- New floor mats at exterior entrances

- Covering for Bar-B-Q pit

- Cameras to cover parking lot and annex circle

- Pressure wash building concrete

$ 47,728

Worship Needs:


- (2) New projectors for Worship Center

- Additional PTX lights

- Additional JTS wireless mics/receiver sets

- Upgrade wireless system

- (1) Roland switch

- (2) LoopCommunity backing tracks

- (4) iPads

- Stairs/Laminate/Modular modesty rail for
choir loft

$ 137,780
Needs To Be Planned For:

- Gym (25-ton HVAC unit)

- Worship Center  (40-ton HVAC unit)

- Hot water heater replacement

$ 130,000


- Commercial kitchen

$ 10,000


- Website update/refresh

$ 35,852
Flex Expenses:

- Items not yet determined, and/or overages