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Business Administrator


The Business Administrator has primary responsibility for the financial operations, facility maintenance and security, human resources, and IT support for the church. The Business Administrator is accountable to the Lead Pastor and shall work closely with all other members of the church staff and lay officers, with a particular responsibility to the Church Treasurer, Trustees, Board of Stewards, and as required, the Staff Parish Relations Committee in order to carry out the necessary day-to-day business of the Church in an efficient and harmonious manner. Maintain financial records of the church to protect and preserve assets, maintain adequate internal controls, and implement policies established by the Finance Committee.


Reports to: Lead Pastor


Supervises: Facilities Manager, Tech Director, Financial Secretary, Church Secretary


Specific Duties shall include but not limited to:

  • 1.     Serve as the principal fiscal officer of the Church and custodian of financial records including confidential reports of all contributions. As required, serving as strategic liaison with givers to the Church.
  • 2.     Oversee and manage the fiscal operations of Faith Methodist Church ensuring that proper controls and procedures conform to applicable laws, accepted accounting practices, and approved procedures of the Finance Committee. All controls and procedures should be appropriately documented and ensure separation of duties for financial controls.
  • 3.     Oversee controls to ensure recording of all revenue of the church by the financial secretary as outlined in the Financial Secretary’s job description
  • 4.     Oversee controls to ensure execution of all payment for all liabilities of the church. As outlined in the Financial Secretary’s job description.
  • 5.      Ensure timely preparation of financial reports and analysis for the church’s leadership teams.
  • 6.     Prepare and present analytics for stewardship and giving trends, spending trends based on historic financial records. Optimize the church’s cash management and cash strategies.
  • 7.     Serve as a resource and liaison to the Board of Stewards, attending meetings and assisting in the carrying out of their activities and programs as requested.
  • 8.     Provide leadership and direction to staff and church leaders in the preparation of the annual budget and stewardship campaigns.
  • 9.     Record and file all appropriate forms related to the federal, state, and municipal tax matters, including verification of tax-exempt status where appropriate, payroll information, and tax filings.
  • 10.  Support the Senior Pastor in review, change, and implementation, as necessary, the church's employee policy and procedure manuals.
  • 11.  Oversees the implementation of employee policies and procedures.
  • 12.  Oversee payment of the conference and district office apportionments and benevolence payments by the Financial Secretary.
  • 13.  Cooperate with the Finance Committee in the conduct of periodic internal audits and any other audit as undertaken.
  • 14.  Serve as liaison to the Board of Trustees, attending meetings and assisting/coordinating with the necessary repairs or routine maintenance as well as IT needs, upgrades and equipment necessary for conducting church business and maintaining safe and secure church facilities. And serves as the point-person for the Trustees in conducting ongoing review and negotiation of all contracted services to ensure competitive pricing for all goods and services acquired by the church.
  • 15.  With Trustee guidance develop and implement a strategic plan for the long-term maintenance care of the facility as well at IT strategy and needs.
  • 16.  Oversee/perform maintenance of the facility in the absence of the part-time facility manager.
  • 17.  Perform annual review of facility insurance needs and work with Trustees to implement changes, if necessary, to policies, types of coverage and premiums.
  • 18.  Oversees all church calendaring approval and administration.
  • 19.  Coordinates with the church’s safety and security team.
  • 20.  Maintains job descriptions for staff and collects staff evaluations.
  • 21.   Other such duties as may be assigned by the Senior Pastor.


Matching 403(b)

2 work weeks of vacation annually

Please send resumes to the Faith Business Administrator, Scott Lofgren at scott.lofgren@faithmc.org.